Core Driller Application Form

Application Job Description — Core Driller

Qualify for employment:

Overview: To drill boreholes and obtain samples of earth formations to determine the nature and depth of strata. Samples and strata information are used to determine depths of coal seams for mining purposes.

Essential Job Functions: Operate a truck-mounted diesel powered rotary drilling rig. Supervise individuals on job locations. Manage the individual job. Liaison between the Company and the client. Drive a pick-up truck and/or drill tuck to job location. Position truck-mounted derrick at drilling area specified on map. Raise the mast(derrick), lock the derrick securely and start the rig from the position of the controls. Observe pressure gauge and move throttles and levers to control the speed of the rotary table that rotates the string of tools in borehole and to regulate pressure of tools at bottom of borehole. Connect sections of drill pipe using hand tools. Count sections of drill rods to determine the depth of the hole. Select and change diamond drill bits according to nature of strata using hand tools. Push levers, throttles, or clutches to control draw works which lower and raise drill pipe and casing into and out of borehole. Examine operation of pumps to insure circulation and consistency of mud/fluid in hole. Withdraw core barrel from hole and extract core from barrel. Examine core samples from hole to determine the nature of strata. Record depths at which samples were taken by keeping a record of footage drilled, locations, and nature of strata penetrated. Fish for and recover lost or broken bits, casing and drill pipes from hole. Repair or replace defective parts of machinery using hand tools. Handle the chuck and chuck operation. Install and remove temporary above ground waterlines. Load and unload needed equipment from the truck either individually or with assistance from the helper. Perform occasional lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying of materials. Maintain records of fuel purchases, mileage records, daily report sheets and any other records as required by the Company.

I understand the description of this job and the essential functions, as given above. I also understand that all of the duties are not described above and that I will perform those above and other related duties as directed by my supervisor and other management.