Application Job Description — Driller Helper


Qualify for employment:

Overview: To assist/aid the Core Driller in the drilling of boreholes and obtaining samples of earth formations. Samples and strata information are used to determine depths of coal seams for mining purposes.

Essential Job Functions: Drive a pick-up truck and/or drill truck to job location. Signal the Driller to position truck-mounted derrick at drilling area specified on map. Add, position, and replace drill stems, casings, cables, and hoses to assist in drilling operation. Collect core samples for laboratory analysis. Lubricate and clean equipment. Assist in connecting the sections of drill pipe using hand tools. Assist in withdrawing of core barrel from hole and extracting of core from barrel. Assist in recovering for lost or broken bits, casing, and drill pipes from hole. Assist in repairing or replacing defective parts of machinery using hand tools. Assist in installing and removing temporary, above ground waterlines. Load and unload needed equipment from the truck either individually or with assistance from the Driller. Perform occasional lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying of materials. Maintain records of fuel purchases, mileage records, and any other records as required by the Company.

I understand the description of this job and the essential functions, as given above. I also understand that all of the duties are not described above and that I will perform those above and other related duties as directed by my supervisor and other management.