Truck Driver Application Form

Application Job Description — Truck Driver

Overview: To transport and deliver drilling materials and/or equipment by driving commercial motor vehicles long and/or short distances.

Essential Job Functions: Drive cargo truck to job location safely. Load and unload cargo trucks, either individually or with assistance of driller helper or driller. Assist driller as needed at the job location. Perform frequent lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying of materials. Inspect truck for defects and safe operating condition before, during, and after trips and submit a written report on the condition of the truck at the end of each trip. Apply knowledge of commercial driving and skills in maneuvering vehicle at varying speeds in difficult situations, such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, or tough off-the-road locations. Maintain records of fuel purchases, mileage records and other records required by law or the Company.

I understand the description of this job and the essential functions, as given above. I also understand that all of the duties are not described above and that I will perform those above and other related duties as directed by my supervisor and other management.