Our Services

L.J. Hughes & Sons, Inc. offers three sizes of the Boart Longyear Wireline Core System. The first size is BQWL which drills a 2.36 ” diameter hole and recovers a 1.43″ diameter core. The second size is the NQWL which drills a 2.98″ diameter hole and recovers a 2.00″ diameter core. The third size is the HQWL which drills a 3.78″ diameter hole and recovers a 2.50″ diameter core. By using both the NQWL and HQWL systems, we are able to do Window Wedging to obtain multiple core samples of the same stratum in one hole. Our standard size is the NQWL system in which we have drilled holes ranging in depth from 5 feet to 3,000 feet.


Our Geotechnical services consist of a 6.25″ diameter Hollow Stem Auger Boring, 3″ diameter Solid Stem Auger Boring, 2″ diameter Split Spoon Sampling, 3″ diameter Split Spoon Sampling, 3″ diameter Shelby Tube Sampling, 3″ Stationary Piston Sampling and NQWL Core Drilling.


While Pressure Grouting we use Aardvark pneumatic packers, colloidal grout mixers, moyno pumps, and Bean 435 pressure pumps having an intermittent pressure of 1,000 PSI and continuous pressure of 800 PSI.