Pressure Grouting Services

Pressure Grouting

As you may know, Pressure Grouting Services covers a wide array of procedures and methods for different issues.

LJ Hughes and Sons wants to make sure you know several of the main types of Pressure Grouting.

Penetration Grouting

Fractures in rock or large porous areas requiring penetration grouting will be injected into the areas in order to strengthen (without warping) the foundation already in place and minimize water flow and movement.

Chemical Grouting

Structural Chemical Grouting — Used on sands and loose soils to consolidate and compact the material into a type of sandstone that will carry loads.

Water Control Chemical Grouting — A fluid grout fills empty spaces in soils and controls the flow of water.

Pressure Crack Injection

Epoxy Crack Injection — Seals and “solders” cracks or leaks to provide strength to a cracked or otherwise compromised concrete. Not only will the epoxy grout be stronger than the concrete, it becomes more flexible and better able to withstand movement.

Urethane Crack Injection — If you have water leakage at a joint or a crack, this can be injected into the leak and reacts with water to expand and fill the crack or joint creating a seal against water flow.

Consolidation Grouting

Creates a lenticular grout structure after being injected into compressible soil. The soil is displaced and the grout structure left in its place.

Permeation Grouting

A low pressure injection (to prevent fracturing) that will navigate through a mass replacing all the water or air between grain particles. Once filled, then the mass hardens.

Compaction Grouting

Displaces and compacts soil masses by injecting a stiff, mortar-like grout that sticks together and pushes everything else out of its way. Like the mass of secret service around the president staying uniform wherever they need to move.

LJ Hughes and Sons hopes this crash course on pressure grouting helps you understand what kind of methods and procedures you’ll need to use for your project.

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