Core and Geotechnical Drilling for Oil and Gas

Drilling for Oil Gas

Before your company starts drilling for oil or gas, our company, L.J. Hughes and Sons, can help by performing Core Drilling or Geotechnical Drilling on the site pad to test the foundation for your bigger drill rigs.

Our services will provide your company with accurate, reliable samples, and the data necessary to make the appropriate design and engineering decisions.

Our Core Drilling, Geotechnical Drilling, Pressure Grouting Services

We offer three sizes of the Boart Longyear Wireline Core System:

By using both the NQWL and HQWL systems, we are able to do window wedging to obtain multiple core samples of the same stratum in the same hole.

We use the standard size NQWL system to drill holes ranging in depth from five feet to 3,000 feet.

We also offer:

Factors to take into consideration that will affect how fast the drilling is completed include depth to be drilled, accessibility of the drilling area, distance between holes, any continuous soil sampling, soil and rock types present, auger size, solid or hollow stem, and much more.

L.J. Hughes and Sons, Inc. Company Overview

L.J. Hughes and Sons, one of the largest drilling contractors in the Eastern United States, is a family-owned and operated business with memberships in both the National Drilling Association and the National Ground Water Association. For over ninety years, we’ve specialized in diamond core drilling, pressure grouting, foundation and soil borings, and monitoring well drilling and installation.

We have the ability to operate up to 25 drill rigs in Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Call L.J. Hughes and Sons today at 304-872-1111 to discuss all of your Core Drilling and Geotechnical Drilling needs for the oil and gas industries.