Geotechnical Drilling Contractors in the Eastern U.S.

Through the use of Geotechnical Drilling, L.J. Hughes and Sons, one of the largest drilling contractors in the Eastern U.S., provides valuable sampling and testing of the soil and rock characteristics underneath proposed building sites for the construction industry. This important service takes the guesswork out of what type of foundation to use for construction projects or if it is even a good idea to continue with the plan to build in a specific location.

L. J. Hughes also works with state departments. Geotechnical Drilling is a necessary step before building highways, bridges, cell towers, retaining walls, and dams.

As most construction project managers know, the project starts underground. Going ahead with a project without first doing Geotechnical Drilling and analyzing a sample for stability issues is a bad idea.

L. J. Hughes uses state-of-the-art Geotechnical Drilling equipment consisting of NQWL Core Drilling, 3″ Stationary Piston Sampling, 3″ diameter Shelby Tube Sampling,  3″ diameter Split Spoon Sampling,  2″ diameter Split Spoon Sampling,  3″ diameter Solid Stem Auger Boring, and  6.25″ diameter Hollow Stem Auger Boring.

Rocks samples may include combinations of shale, basalt, coal, slate, gold, limestone, sandstone, and many more types of rock. It is possible to determine where one type of rock ends and another begins underground by studying the sample. Also able to be determined is the reaction that is likely to happen when something is built. This reaction can be either good or bad.

Geotechnical drilling is a slow process. Because the soil and rock samples are capable of breaking, taking the time to slowly drill the sample helps to ensure that the sample comes out intact.

Once the sample is obtained, it is immediately checked for the presence of oil, water, or gas and then sent to the laboratory to determine its composition, hardness, porosity, and permeability.

We often get asked exactly how long the drilling will take and can only give a time estimate after we know more about the project. Factors to take into consideration that will affect how fast the drilling is completed include depth to be drilled, accessibility of the drilling area, distance between holes, any continuous soil sampling, soil and rock types present, auger size, solid or hollow stem, and much more.


About L.J. Hughes and Sons

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We’ve been in business since 1946 and are capable of operating 25 drill rigs in the Eastern states of West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, as well as Pennsylvania and Ohio.